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    • Smoke Tower Set

      Try popular smoked dishes!

      We will lend you a "Smoke Tower Set" to have smoked food easily. The set includes a smoke tower (smoker) and smoke chips, so just add your favorite ingredients and enjoy smoking.※Ingredients are not included, so please bring your own favorite ingredients.


      Smoke Tower Set
      1 smoke tower
      Smoke chips (cherry)※About 30 minutes of burning time.
      Rental fee
      1 set: 1,100 yen (tax included)
      Additional smoke chips
      550 yen (tax included)
      Rental Location
      Front desk
      How to reserve
      Please make an application using the options on the reservation screen for your stay.※You can also apply by phone in advance or on the day of your stay.TEL:078-581-6000
      smoked dishes(image)smoked dishes(image)

      Examples of smoked dishes

      Boiled egg, sausage
      Preparation is simple, so it is easy even for beginners. Boiled eggs should be seasoned (mentsuyu, etc.), and sausages should be sprinkled with black pepper before smoking if desired.
      Mixed nuts and cheese
      No preparation is required (you can add black pepper to cheese if you like), so it is easy even for beginners.
      Other smoked dishes
      Please refer to the website “Smoked Food Club” for information on how to cook the smoked food.
      【Smoked Food Club】
      ※Ingredients are not included in the smoke tower set, so please bring your own.
      Boiled egg, sausage(image)Mixed nuts and cheese(image)
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