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      Bouquets for important anniversaries

      At "GLAMP DOME KOBE TENKU", we offer bouquets for your important anniversaries. Are you worried about the hassle of finding a florist or being found out about the surprise by bringing items by yourself? If you make a reservation for a cake, bouquet, or wine, the items will be delivered to "GLAMP DOME KOBE TENKU" in advance and we will serve them to you at the time of the celebration. ※Reservation deadlines vary by product, so please check the product page.


      Normal bouquet
      Size: SS, S, M, L
      Price: 2,980 yen (tax included)~
      Bouquet of red roses
      10 roses
      Price: 3,980 yen (tax included)~
      Bear holding a bouquet
      Size: S, M
      Price: 3,040 yen (tax included)~
      Chupa Chupus Arrangement
      10, 20, 50 flowers
      Price: 4,510 yen (tax included)~
      How to order
      (1)Book the accommodation plan first.
      (2)Next, reserve the bouquet.
      ※You will receive a confirmation e-mail for both the accommodation and the bouquet, so you can rest assured of a surprise that cannot go wrong.
      ※Order deadlines differ depending on the bouquet. For more information, please click here to reserve your bouquet.
      Normal bouquetBouquet of red rosesBear holding a bouquetChupa Chupus Arrangement


      • ・Please order after making a reservation for your stay.
      • ・You need to register as a member of in order to purchase.
      • ・You will receive an order completion e-mail after your order is completed. If you do not receive it, please contact “”.
      • ・The reservation deadline differs depending on the product. The delivery date indicated is the earliest delivery date.
      • ・ will deliver the items to the accommodation, so shipping costs will be incurred for each item. Nationwide shipping fee: 1,100 yen (tax included)※1,650 yen (tax included) for Okinawa and remote islands.
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